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10 Tips For A Successful Wedding

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Planning a wedding is time-consuming, special and stressful. We want to help you with some tips for your wedding planning. This list of 10 items is worth the read and consideration. 

1. Who to Invite.

Getting married is a unique event that you share with those you care about and who care about you. You want to surround yourself with people who support you and your marriage. Wedding events create an opportunity to share your love with the special people you call friends and family. Include them in showers, bachelor parties, engagement parties or any other pre-wedding event. It is essential that whoever you invite to these celebrations are people you plan to invite to the wedding. Many people expect that they are special to attend your event. They must be significant enough to be part of the wedding celebration as well. If you include people, include them in everything. 

2. Plus-One?

If you are inviting people to the wedding, it is appropriate to invite a guest for those who are in long-term relationships. You should also allow for a plus-one for people in the wedding party, and people who are not familiar with the wedding guests (single or not). People who are single and familiar with other guests do not require a plus-one. This is especially true if it means you have to eliminate essential people to meet your budget. 

3. Postage Paid RSVP Cards.

The important thing here is convenience. This courtesy is to allow your guests the ease of returning the important RSVP cards you require to confirm wedding essentials. The easier this process is, the better the return of RSVP cards you will receive, and the less you will have to follow-up on those cards you did not receive.

4. Weather. 

Outdoor weddings can be some of the most beautiful events. They also have the unpredictability of the wedding to consider. If it is hot, you will want to prepare for it. A few ideas could be:

Having fans or paper fans available, A beverage table with water, Toiletry items in the bathroom to help people freshen up, or Sunglasses with your wedding information on them.

If raining, have a tent or umbrellas available to keep them dry. The more comfortable your guests are, the more they will enjoy your wedding. 

5. Guests During Wedding Photos 

We have all been to weddings where there is nothing available for the guests while the newly wedded and their wedding party have pictures taken. What your guests will do while having your photos is an important consideration. It is recommended the time between the wedding ceremony and wedding reception be no more than 1 to 1.5 hours maximum. During this time, guests need to have a place available for themselves to go, such as a cocktail hour before the main reception. If you have nothing planned for your guests than keep the time for photos to 30 minutes maximum. 

6. Where the Guests Sit. 

Reception seating charts are a must. Everyone wants to feel like they have a place to call there own. Trying to figure out who you know and where to sit can feel uncomfortable, especially if you do not know many people. No one should feel left out or unable to sit with a group they are especially close to at the reception. These guests are here to support you, and you can help them by ensuring an easy to locate and read seating chart, numbering table work best. Also, pictures look awkward when people chose their seats. Some table may look sparse, while others may end up over-crowded. A seating chart makes it easy for everyone. 


7. Open Bar: Yay or Nay. 

Etiquette dictates that a cash bar is inappropriate. Your guests have spent a great deal of time, effort and money at various pre-wedding functions, travel/accommodations, clothing and gifts. Beverage cost can be priced to suits your budget: full bar, beer and wine or beer, wine and specific cocktails. You can also choose to have a non-alcohol reception. 

8. Transportation. 

Safety is a must for your guests. Having transportation is a vital component to include in the wedding budget. Knowing you have a safe ride available allows for everyone to have a good time without the risk. Having transportation is especially true when venues are outside of walking distance or taxi service. If guests want to stay in nearby hotels (most will give a discount), transportation can be arranged to and from this location.  

9. Vendors are Hungry Too! 

Servers, photographers, bartenders, or any other people hired for your wedding should have a meal as well. It does not mean they are given the same four-course meal as the wedding party but are fed well. It is polite and helps them to have the energy to continue to meet your requirements. 

10. Thank You Cards are a Must! 

There are some rules of etiquette for sending thank you cards after receipt of a gift. Gifts received before the wedding require you to send the thank you card within two weeks. For all gift on or after the wedding, two months is more than enough time to expect a thank you card for the gift. Thank you cards are to be mailed. Thank you cards show you appreciate the time and effort each guest put into your special wedding day. Handwritten thank you cards reflect your wedding day, creating the same feeling for your guests. Proper etiquette is always crucial and a must for special moments we share with others. 

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